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Liability In California: Everything You Need To Know About California Liability Reports

California Reparations
California Reparations ( Photo: KQED )

Two years after a statewide task force set out to examine how much slavery, racism and discrimination policies cost black people in California.

California Reparations

California Reparations ( Photo: CalMatters )

California Reparations Task Force to Submit Final Report to Golden State Congress

After more than two years of fact-finding, reporting, and public hearings, the California Special Commission on Reparations submitted a detailed document on June 29 regarding compensation for eligible California Negro victims of slavery. The task force presented ambitious proposals in the approved plan that it will submit for review, including up to $1.4 million in repairs. Here’s what to know before the proposal is sent to California lawmakers. The proposed damages payments which fall into categories detailing the various damages claims the Commission is seeking to recover on behalf of California, vary according to the amount of time spent in the Golden State.

Legislators have the power to review recommendations and approve, reject, or adapt them

The California Legislature would then have full authority. Whatever they decide must be approved by both houses of Congress before it can be signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom. The task force asked four economists to develop data-based factors for determining the harm of slavery in areas such as housing, education, and public health. This means it will be up to the California Legislature to decide on financial compensation for the applicant after reviewing the detailed report.


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