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A New Bill Passed To The Senate For Approval, A New Automatic Surcharge That Walmart And Targeted Customers Face

Target Automatic Surcharge
Target Automatic Surcharge ( Photo: Investopedia )
A US state legislature is about to introduce a new bottle fee that will affect shoppers at stores like Walmart and Target.

Target Automatic Surcharge

Target Automatic Surcharge ( Photo: The US Sun )

The Vermont Legislature last week renewed the bottle deposit for the first time in more than 50 years

According to the state legislature’s website, the revised law will also apply a 5-cent security deposit to bottled water, energy drinks, and other beverages. There is also a 15-cent deposit fee for bottles of wine. The bill passed both houses of Congress but Republican Governor does not support the bill and may veto it, said in a report.

This will increase recycling costs at a time when Vermont residents are already complaining about recycling costs

The law’s new updated rates apply to liquid beverages intended for human consumption excluding milk, dairy products, plant-based beverages, infant formula, meal replacement beverages, and non-alcoholic cider. Republican Representative Patty McCoy of Rutland House Minority Leader believes the amount of glass that goes into recycling facilities will drive up costs across the state. Recent press coverage of these issues has shunned Walmart and Target customers because both chains have existing surcharges and recycling policies.


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