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Law Stipulates Electric Vehicle Charging Expansion Plan To Come Into Force Soon

Electric Vehicle
Electric Vehicle ( Photo: )

A new law in Illinois will soon require electric vehicle charging stations in the garages of new or renovated homes. Critics say this increases costs.

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle ( Photo: The Michigan Community Association Law Blog )

Illinois will soon require wiring for electric vehicle charging in new or renovated homes and apartment complexes

Senator Sarah Feigenholtz introduced Senate Bill 40 to put one million electric vehicles on track by 2030 in Illinois. The bill was signed by Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the law into effect on January 1, 2024. The change applies to new and existing homes, apartments, and condos. Democratic leaders said the change would help reduce vehicle emissions and expand the market for electric vehicles.

Pritzker signed the Illinois Reimagining Electric Vehicles Act to encourage the production of electric vehicles statewide

The bill passed the Illinois Senate in March by a vote of 39 to 16. The House passed the bill in a 60-38 vote in May. Much of the conversation focused on the potential costs of the project to consumers. But Republicans fear many homeowners won’t agree to the mandate. Donors say the cost of electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be less than $1,000. House Democrats also said car charging was “much cheaper than buying gas” and that the state should ensure equal access to chargers. Within 90 days of the law’s entry into force, all building permits for large multifamily dwellings must require that all parking spaces be suitable for electric vehicles.


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