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Property Tax And Rent Refunds Promote Development By Congress

House Bill 1100 was introduced to the House Appropriations Committee after Republicans failed to amend a proposal to decouple future rebate increases from inflation.

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s key proposal to expand the state’s property tax and rent-refund programs has been shaken as lawmakers grapple with expected costs

The main beneficiaries of this measure are the elderly, a rapidly growing segment of the population – and people with disabilities. To qualify for the discount, a resident must be an SSI or SSD grant recipient. While the refund is a “blessing” for seniors like Kelly Minns, a local volunteer who attended a press conference in support of the bill in Erie earlier this month, the text of the legislation n has not been updated since its adoption. almost 17 years ago. This means that as inflation and Social Security payments increased, thousands of people were unable to get the rebate – even as they spent more.

Reimbursement usually covers expenses that benefit the whole family together taking care of both children and the elderly

The Department of Aging says the extra money will not only help pay for necessities but will also allow older people to live longer at home. A situation in which state agencies increasingly find themselves struggling. The program is funded by the Pennsylvania Lottery, and some lawmakers are skeptical that the plan will be affordable in the long run given the prospect of annual budget increases with inflation.


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