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IRS Sends Partially Incorrectly Due Invoices To Taxpayers

Taxpayers ( Photo: NPR )

The IRS is sending false payment requests to California taxpayers whose tax returns have 2022 taxes.


Taxpayers ( Photo: ToughNickel )

IRS announces it sent taxpayers bills with wrong due dates

In fact, according to the California Disaster Relief Decision, the taxes are due in October. I’ve heard that the IRS computer will stop paying interest and fines but it won’t stop you from writing and sending letters. Some Californians have been falsely told they have 21 days to pay when they actually have to pay until later this year. The tax office apologized for the error in a statement Wednesday. The agency said required by law to send a notice known as IRS Notice CP14. The IRS has not said how many taxpayers have received the erroneous letters, but tax preparation firm Jackson Hewitt said Wednesday that the IRS has sent out “millions” of notices this month.

California taxpayers must pay under the disaster declaration until later this year

Enclosed with the letter was a “special attachment” informing the recipient that the payment date stated in the letter did not apply to those covered by the disaster declaration. Some accountants and tax attorneys took to social media to notify clients about the erroneous letter, telling them they didn’t have to send money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) until October. Therefore, if you live in one of the disaster-reporting counties you should ignore this prompt and ignore the deadline date listed there.


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