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Surprising Numbers Of Americans Will Lose Insurance As Medicaid Purge Begins

Lose Coverage
Lose Coverage ( Photo: Mira )

A lot of Americans were affected by the pandemic protections that ended on April 1, they have lost Medicaid coverage.

Lose Coverage

Lose Coverage ( Photo: Truthout )

Each state periodically reviews its Medicaid registration list to ensure that each beneficiary is eligible for coverage

Medicaid regulation is rolling back, with states reviewing its role and deciding who stays and who leaves. Those who are disqualified or have not submitted their documents on time will be excluded. More than 600,000 Americans have lost Medicaid coverage since pandemic control ended on April 1. And an analysis of state data by KFF Health News shows that the majority were removed from state registries because they did not complete the paperwork. Based on records from 14 states that provided detailed figures in response to requests for public records or through online postings, 36% of those whose eligibility was confirmed had their registrations revoked.

Federal law requires states to inform the public why they are losing Medicaid coverage and how to appeal that decision

If an individual requests a hearing before the dismissal becomes effective, they may remain insured during the appeal process. Even after being discharged from the hospital, many people still have a 90-day grace period to reinstate their insurance coverage. Harmatz said some of Florida’s cancellations may violate due process rules. The letter she saw did not give specific reasons for her deregistration, such as excessive income or inadequate documentation.


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