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MONEY-BACK: Get Your Money from Unclaimed Nearly $700 Million Fund

Unclaimed money
Americans should claim the unclaimed money as soon as possible. (Photo: Money Under 30)

Americans still have the chance to claim their money from unclaimed funds but they need to apply as soon as possible.

Unclaimed fund

Americans should claim the unclaimed money as soon as possible. (Photo: Money Under 30)

Unclaimed Funds

Not everyone in the country knew about the unclaimed funds that residents in each state can claim and can be their source of extra money. It is advised that citizens in the country should visit their state’s website and search for any unclaimed funds.

The unclaimed funds are coming from the following:

  • oil royalties
  • utility deposits
  • dormant bank accounts,
  • safe deposit that never made it to their rightful honor or heir

This will turn into a refund or a payroll check and it is estimated that nearly $700 million remained unclaimed. This is comprised of $671 million of unclaimed money and $94 million in unclaimed shares in Louisiana, according to a published report in The U.S. Sun.

Moreover, the money mentioned above is stored in a trust fund that the state-owned before it can be claimed. In the same source of report, Louisiana has already returned over $708,654,992.

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How to Claim the Unclaimed Money?

Louisiana residents began claiming their money on National Unclaimed Property Day. If you think that the state owes money from you through the unclaimed fund, there are steps that you need to follow and you need to apply for this claim as soon as possible.

Claimants should visit the state’s website and provide personal information. You also need to prove ownership, after which you have to wait for 90 days to claim the fund.

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