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Increased SNAP Benefits: Selected Residents Could Receive it Soon!

SNAP benefits
Increased SNAP benefits might continue. (Photo: CNET)

Some residents in the country will receive increased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in the country soon.

SNAP benefits

Increased SNAP benefits might continue. (Photo: CNET)

SNAP Benefits

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit is a federal program that aims to help low-income families to buy nutritious food and to meet their daily needs. The amount that the recipients receive varies on the state where they lived.

The federal government and lawmakers approved the additional emergency fund for SNAP benefits during the pandemic. The amount that beneficiaries received has increased across the country but only a set of criteria was designed to ensure that only qualified individuals will receive the program.

However, the increased SNAP benefit is about to expire this month which will affect millions of Americans. This means that the program will go back to the pre-pandemic level this March. Meanwhile, some states are planning to continue the increased SNAP benefits using the surplus budget.

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Increased SNAP Benefits Might Continue

Some residents in Michigan might continue to receive the increased SNAP benefits after a bipartisan bill passed the Senate. The said bill is now on the table of Gov. Phil Murphy and once it is signed, thousands will receive additional payments in their SNAP.

According to a published article in New Jersey Monitor, the bill will help low-income families and will raise the SNAP benefit from $50 to 95. It is also expected that the Department of Human Services will increase the amount of the program further.

Sen. Teresa Ruiz, majority leader and sponsor of the bill, said, “In a state that’s called the Garden State, that’s so flush with farms, making sure that this benefit stays and doesn’t get reduced to $50 is extraordinary.”

Furthermore, 769,000 residents across 397,000 households were enrolled in the program in New Jersey. If Gov. Murphy will sign the bill, it will automatically benefit roughly 46,000 households.

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