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Money-Back: Claim Up to $1,000 During Winter Storm if Power Goes Out

Winter storm relief payment
Americans can claim up to $1,000 winter storm relief payment. (Photo: NBC)

Americans can claim up to $1,000 money-back insurance during a winter storm if the power goes out which may affect food and medication.

Winter storm relief payment

Americans can claim up to $1,000 winter storm relief payment. (Photo: NBC)

Money-Back During Winter Storm

Winter storm is one of the devastating seasons in the country. It does not only affect the daily routine but may also result in a power outage. If this happens, people will encounter problems like food loss or even refrigerated medication spoiling.

However, people can have their money back if the phenomenon is included in the insurance, power companies, and even filing a claim in the Federal Emergency Agency. On the other hand, not all power companies offer relief payments during a winter storm.

According to a published article in The U.S. Sun, American Family Insurance reported that most policies will award as much as $1,000 to the residents due to a power outage whatever its cause. It is also important to note that you need to ask your insurance how to apply for this specific claim.

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Other Money-Back Claims During Winter Storm

There is no federal law that require all power company to have a money-back to the residents if a power outage will happen due to a natural disaster. However, there are electric companies that reimburse the money of their customers if a power outage will happen for days.

One of the companies is Pacific Gas and Electric in California which gives $25 increment if a power outage continues after the 48-hour mark. The following are the increment of the company:

  • 48 to 72 hours: $25
  • 72 to 96 hours: $50
  • 96 to 120 hours: $75
  • 120 hours or more: $100

Additionally, anyone can also claim to the Federal Emergency Management Agency during a disaster. According to the same source of report, anyone who lives in a federally declared disaster area can file a claim to FEMA. They can apply for relief either online or over the phone.

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