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$3,284 Permanent Fund Dividends Being Issued— See Status Of Your Checks!

Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend [Photo: Anchorage Daily News]
Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend [Photo: Anchorage Daily News]

$3,284 worth of Permanent Fund Dividends (PFD) are being issued in the state of Alaska. In this article, read and find out the status of the payout of your dividend checks!

Permanent Fund Dividend Checks [Photo: Must Read Alaska]

Permanent Fund Dividend Checks [Photo: Must Read Alaska]

In the state of Alaska, the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) program has been issuing dividend checks in batches. The PFD program provides the residents of Alaska with a part of the profits collected from oil revenues. Each year, the state requires the residents to submit an application to receive the dividend checks. Unfortunately, the applications have already ended on March 31 last year, but will accept again on March 31 this year.

According to LaPonsie, since September 2022, the residents have been receiving dividend checks worth $3,284. These dividend checks are issued earlier because generally, the dividend checks are issued in early to mid-October. The amount in the dividend checks have also increased compared to the usual amount. This is due to the additional $662 worth of energy relief payment. Unlike the other states that separated the dividends and the energy relief, Alaska added the energy relief to the dividends payout.

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Status of Payout of Dividend Checks

According to Weiss, the payout of the dividend checks depend on one’s dividend application. The next batch of the “Eligible-Not Paid” recipients can expect to receive their dividend checks on the following dates. The “Eligible-Not Paid” recipients on February 8 will receive dividend checks on February 16. The “Eligible-Not Paid” recipients on March 8 will receive dividend checks on March 16. In addition, those who opted for direct deposit payments will receive their dividend checks first because it will direct deposits only takes a few days. On the contrary, those who opted for paper checks can receive their dividend checks after weeks.

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