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Up To $2,000 Offered To JPMorgan Chase New Customers— Here’s How To Join!

JPMorgan Chase [Photo: VentureBeat]
JPMorgan Chase [Photo: VentureBeat]

Up to $2,000 are being offered to the new customers of JPMorgan Chase financial services company. Read and find out how to join and easily receive money!

JPMorgan Chase $2,000 Offer [Photo: Doctor of Credit]

JPMorgan Chase $2,000 Offer [Photo: Doctor of Credit]

JPMorgan Chase, a financial services company, is currently offering its new customers different ways to receive money. For instance, only by signing up for a new savings or checking accounts, the new customers can easily receive some free money!


According to Lawley, with the Chase Total Checking+Savings offer, new customers can receive up to $600. This is possible if they open a new savings and checking account at the same time and complete the requirements to be eligible. In addition, a new customer can also receive up to $300 when they set up a direct deposit and open a Chase Total Checking account.

Another way is to deposit $15,000 or more In 30 days. That balance should also be maintained for three months. In turn, the new customer can receive up to $200. An extra $100 can also be received if setting up a direct deposit and depositing $15,000 are completed at the same time. However, if the new customer does not have an amount of $15,000 to deposit, they can still receive a $200 just for setting up the deposit.

However, bear in mind that the Chase Total Checking account comes with a fee of $12 per month. Nonetheless, these fees can be waived by $500 worth of monthly deposits from employers or government benefits. These fees can also be waived by maintaining a $1,500 worth of balance every day.

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The $2,000 Offer

An article in Chase Private Client says that the biggest money JPMorgan Chase can offer is up to $2,000. This money can be availed by new customers of the Private Client Checking. To be eligible, the new customer must meet with a private client banker. During the meeting, an account will be opened and a total of $250,000 or more will be transferred in 45 days. This transaction can be made with savings, personal checking accounts, and eligible JP Morgan non-retirement investment accounts.

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