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Pennsylvania First Responders To Receive $250 Tax Credits In February

Tax Credits
Tax Credits

Emergency first responders from Pennsylvania will be receiving $250 in tax credits in February. The tax credits are a way to acknowledge first responders for their help in the community.

Pennsylvania First Responders

Pennsylvania First Responders

On January 18, commissioners have approved tax credits for emergency first responders in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. The tax credits worth $250 are intended to reduce real estate tax in the county. They are given as a way to acknowledge the first responders for their help in protecting the community. With these tax credits, it is anticipated that the number of first responders will increase despite the shortage of staff for these essential services.

According to Blake, in 2022, a total of 312,000 emergency first responders were dispatched to Dauphin County. 50,000 of them were Emergency Medical Services (EMS) calls and 12,000 were firefighters. EMS and firefighters contributed 20% to the emergency dispatches. However, Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries stated that in recent years, emergency first responders have been decreasing.

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Who is eligible for these tax credits?

According to Blake, one can be eligible for these tax credits if they are a first responder living in Dauphin County. The tax credits are expected to be received in checks through the EMS or fire department. Once the checks are given to the departments, they will be distributed to all eligible recipients. Recipients can look forward to receiving the checks beginning in February. The checks are established to be received every year.

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