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Homeowners To Receive Up To $883 Property Tax Refund In Cook County, Illinois

Property Tax Refund
Property Tax Refund

Cook County, Illinois homeowners will receive up to $883 in property tax refunds. These refunds will be given after homeowners overpaid their first installment taxes in 2021.

Cook County Property Tax Refund [Photo: WGN-TV]

Cook County Property Tax Refund [Photo: WGN-TV]

Thousands of homeowners in Cook County, Illinois will receive up to $883 in property tax refunds. These refunds will be given after the homeowners have overpaid their first installment of taxes in 2021. The overpayment happened due to property owners who were excluded from the exemptions which could have lowered the amount they had to pay. 

 According to MARCA, those who were excluded were homeowners, disabled persons, senior citizens, and senior freeze. Spokesperson Andrew Gavrilos stated that Cook County’s Treasurer Maria Pappas announced that the refunds will be distributed through checks. The distribution will begin this week and will continue for the next few months until all refunds are distributed.

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Who are eligible for these tax refunds?

According to MARCA, there are no actions needed to be made to be eligible for these tax refunds. This is because authorities themselves have already identified the eligible recipients. Pappas stated that by automatically distributing refunds, unnecessary paperwork and applications will be lessened. Roughly 53,000 refunds are expected to be distributed. 16,629 of these refunds are expected to be received through direct deposit payments. 22,241 of those who paid through a bank mortgage or escrow account will be mailed. On the other hand, 14,137 will be received online or be mailed with an application.

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