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Cook County Homeowners To Receive Up To $883 Property Tax Refund

Property Tax Refund
Property Tax Refund

Homeowners from Cook County, Illinois will be receiving up to $883 in property tax refunds. These refunds are for those homeowners who have overpaid their first installment taxes in 2021.

Cook County Treasurer's Office [Photo:]

Cook County Treasurer’s Office [Photo:]

Around 53,000 homeowners from Cook County, Illinois who have overpaid their first installment taxes in 2021 will be receiving a refund. Cook County Treasury Spokesperson Andrew Gavrilos stated that the average amount of the refunds will be up to $883. 

According to Johnson, several of the homeowners did not claim exemptions that would have reduced their property tax bills. These exemptions include those for disabled persons, homeowners, senior citizens, and senior freeze. The refunds will be distributed through checks and are expected to start this week carrying on until the following months.

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Who is eligible for these refunds?

According to Johnson, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas stated that there are no actions needed to be done to receive the refunds. If a homeowner is eligible for the refunds, the state will be the one to look for them and distribute their refunds. This initiative is done to eliminate several unnecessary applications and paperwork.

Nonetheless, the method to receive the refunds will be based on how the property taxes are paid. 16,629 homeowners who paid their property tax bills online will receive refunds through direct deposits. 22,241 homeowners who paid using a bank or mortgage escrow account will receive refunds in their mail. On the other hand, 14,137 homeowners who paid with cash or check will receive the refunds online or be mailed with a refund application.

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