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$350 Relief Checks Still Unclaimed in Georgia— Here’s How To Claim Them!

Relief Checks
Relief Checks

Some of the $350 worth of relief checks issued in September 2022 is still unclaimed in Georgia. Find out if you’re eligible for these payments and how to claim them!

Relief Payments [Photo:]

Relief Payments [Photo:]

In September 2022, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp launched a cash assistance program that issued $1 billion. The cash assistance was intended for 3 million clients who had issues with their IDs or who were not able to access their cards. However, to date, $235 million worth of relief checks are still unclaimed. There have been unclaimed relief checks due to clients who were not able to access the funds through their cards, as reported by Palya.

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Who is eligible for these unclaimed checks?

According to Palya, to be eligible for these unclaimed checks, recipients must have been active enrollees of  SNAP and/or TANF, Medicaid, or PeachCare for Kids on July 31 last year. Those who have enrolled in more than one of the mentioned programs will be able to receive one cash assistance payment only, says the state’s Department of Human Resources. All recipients of the September 2022 cash assistance program should have received up to $350. Kemp says the cash assistance program was intended to help the residents of Georgia battle the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising inflation.

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