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Connecticut, Maryland, Rochester To Issue Up To $13,500 Sign-On Bonus for Workers

Sign-On Bonuses
Sign-On Bonuses

The states of Connecticut and Maryland and the city of Rochester in New York will be issuing up to a $13,500 sign-on bonus for its workers. Sign-on bonuses are usually one-time payments given to workers who start a new job.

Sign-On Bonuses

Sign-On Bonuses

Americans from the states of Connecticut and Maryland and the city of Rochester in New York may apply for a sign-on bonus provided by their local governments. These sign-on bonuses are intended for workers to begin a new job. These bonuses are usually only one-time and will not recur once again, as reported by Russo.

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According to Russo, in Connecticut, full-time workers who earn less than $50,000 will be eligible for the $1,000 bonus. Those who earn between $50,000 and $150,000 will be eligible for the bonuses between $100 and $800. Furthermore, the bonuses are intended for workers in the private sector only. Employees who work in municipal, state, or federal government agencies are not eligible. To be eligible, workers must not have been working from home and are employed between March 10, 2020 and May 7, 2022.


In Maryland, the state’s Department of Education has been issuing bonuses of up to $13,500 since October 2022. To be eligible for the bonus, a worker must have been granted a “first-time quality rating” on or after July 1, 2022. A worker must have also participated in Maryland EXCELS early education program. As of October 2022, Maryland EXCELS already has over 4,200 programs and providers with quality ratings. The bonuses will continue to be issued until June 30 this year.


In New York, a group of teachers will be receiving bonuses under the Rochester Teachers Association. During the first 2 years of the three-year contract, there will be a retention bonus of $1,500 to be issued each year. All members of the association are eligible but they must be “actively employed” until the last day of each school year. In addition, there will also be increases in the teachers’ salaries. The contract will be effective on July 1 this year.

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