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Up to $1,050 Direct Payments to Arrive In 9 U.S. Cities, States

Stimulus Payments
Stimulus Payments

Up to $1,050 in direct payments will be received by 9 cities and states in the U.S. this year. These payments aim to provide relief to the citizens amidst the worsening inflation.

Stimulus Payments [Photo:]

Stimulus Payments [Photo:]

Direct payments of $300 to $1,050 will be received by millions of Americans this 2023. These payments aim to provide relief to the citizens amidst the effects of the worsening inflation currently standing at 7.1%. This means the citizens have been struggling against the rising prices for necessities like food, shelter, and gasoline. A few of these payments will be received by cities only, while others will be received by an entire state, as reported by Dumandan.

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According to Dumandan, in California, $200 to $1,050 worth of one-time payments are still issued. These payments are under the Middle Class Tax Refund program. Those who have opted to receive a debit card in their 2020 tax return have started receiving them on December 17 and will continue until today only, January 14. On the other hand, those who have changed their address will receive the debit cards on January 30 until February 14.


In Colorado, those who have filed for an extension and submitted their tax returns by October 17, 2022 will receive their tax refunds by January 31. These payments are under the Colorado Cash Back program. Single filers will receive a tax refund of $750, while joint filers will receive  $1,500.


In Idaho, to be eligible for tax rebates, residents must have filed their 2020 and 2021 taxes. The tax rebates will amount to 10% of the tax stated on the 2020 income tax return or $300, whichever is greater. On the other hand, joint filers will receive whichever is greater between the 10% and $600. The tax rebates will be issued until this month.


In New York, the Creatives Rebuild New York program will be issuing $1,000 a month for 18 months. These payments will be given to 2,400 artists in New York who have struggled with their financial needs.


In Pennsylvania, if taxpayers paid their rent in 2021, rebates on property taxes can be received. Tax rebates will amount to $650 or $975, depending on the eligibility for additional rebates. To be eligible, homeowners must earn no more than $35,000 a year, while renters must earn no more than $15,000.


In Alexandria, Virginia, there is a guaranteed income program called Alexandria Recurring Income for Success and Equity (ARISE). This program issues $500 a month for two years to 170 eligible recipients. The payments are scheduled to be issued by the end of January through debit-like cards.


In Cook County, Illinois, recipients are selected through a lottery. Winners will receive $500 a month for two years. The payments are under the largest guaranteed income pilot program in the country with a budget of $42 million. The payments have been issued since December 2022 and 3,250 recipients have already been given payments.


In Evanston, Illinois, 150 residents have been chosen to receive a $500 guaranteed income. The payments have been issued since December 2022 and will continue for one year.


In Madison, Wisconsin, the Madison Forward Fund issues guaranteed income to families with low income. The $500 monthly payments have been issued since October 2022 and will continue for one year. To be eligible, applicants must live in Madison, have at least one child, and make a household income of less than 200% of the federal poverty line. There have been 3,000 applications but only 155 households were randomly selected. 

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