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Up to $800 Tax Rebates to Arrive in South Carolina in March

Up to $800 in tax rebates will be arriving in South Carolina this coming March. However, applicants have only until February 15 to file taxes and claim these rebates.

Tax Rebates [Photo: NBC12]

Tax Rebates [Photo: NBC12]

The deadline is fast approaching for residents of California to claim tax rebates under a cash assistance program worth up to $800. Those who have filed their 2021 taxes by October 17, 2022 should have already received their tax rebates by the end of 2022. Fortunately, those who have decided to file late can still claim the tax rebates. However, they have only until February 15 to do so. With this extension in deadline, the filers can expect to receive their tax rebates by March.

According to Russo, South Carolina has started issuing tax rebates to eligible recipients since November 2022. In December, South Carolina’s Department of Revenue announced that the state has already issued 1.39 million tax rebates worth more than $942 million.

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Who is eligible for these tax rebates?

According to Russo, to be eligible, an applicant must have filed for an extension and have a 2021 income tax liability. Those who have resided in South Carolina for some time or the entire 2021 can be eligible as long as they have filed income taxes that year. For filers who have tax liabilities of less than $800 can receive tax rebates equal to the amount they owe. If the tax liabilities exceed $800, the tax rebates will exactly be $800. The tax rebates will be issued through direct deposit or paper checks, depending on what was stated in the 2021 taxes.

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