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Kansas Eligible For Up To $700 Tax Refunds This 2023

Tax Refunds
Tax Refunds

Kansas residents are eligible for up to $700 in tax refunds this 2023. The tax refunds are due to the three tax relief programs provided by the state.

Tax Refunds [Photo: TurboTax - Intuit]

Tax Refunds [Photo: TurboTax – Intuit]

This 2023, the state of Kansas will be providing three tax relief programs to its residents. The programs include two property tax relief, namely, Kansas Property Tax Relief for Low-Income Seniors (SAFESR) and the Homestead Refund. The Utility & Sales Tax Rebate is the third program. The residents can get tax relief payments of $150 to $700. These payments are intended to help old and disabled residents with low incomes, as reported by Johnson.

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According to Johnson, this program will provide a 75% refund on property taxes paid by senior property owners with low incomes. They only need to meet the requirements of being 65 years or older, owning their Kansas home for the entire 2022, having their home cost $350,000 or less, and having a household income of $22,000 or less. There is no limit to the amount beneficiaries can receive from SAFESR. Kansas’ Department of Revenue said that those who paid at least $936 in property taxes last 2021 will receive a refund that is more than $700. 


The yearly Homestead Refund program also refunds a portion of a resident’s property taxes. To be eligible, the beneficiary must own a home in Kansas and earn a household income of less than $37,750. They must also be at least 56 years old, or be blind or permanently disabled, or had a child as a dependent for the entire 2022. The amount of refund to be received is based on the income but will be up to $700 only.

Eligible beneficiaries are encouraged to apply for both SAFESR and Homestead Refund programs. However, only one tax relief payment will be received, whichever is larger in amount. Applicants can apply for both tax relief payments online or by mail. If an applicant applies online, payments will be received via direct deposit. On the other hand, if applicants apply through mail, payments will be received in checks. Both payments will be processed early this year, with direct deposit payments being released first.


Residents of Kansas City can apply for a third tax relief payment as well. The Utility & Sales Tax Rebate Program provides up to $150 in tax refunds. To be eligible, homeowners must be 56 years or older with incomes of less than $25,000. The payments will be received through checks after 4-6 weeks of submission of the application.

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