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Virginia To Receive $500 Stimulus Payments In February 2023

Stimulus Payments [Photo: KTLA]
Stimulus Payments [Photo: KTLA]

Residents of Virginia will be receiving $500 stimulus payments in February 2023. These payments are under the state’s Guaranteed Income Pilot Program ARISE, says Zucker.

Stimulus Payments [Photo:]

Stimulus Payments [Photo:]

Residents of Alexandria City in Virginia are expected to be receiving $500 stimulus payments starting in February 2023. The payments are under the state’s Guaranteed Income Pilot Program called Alexandria Recurring Income for Success and Equity or ARISE. The payments will be received every month for two years. However, only 170 recipients will be chosen to receive these payments. If all 170 recipients are not completed by February yet, there may be delays, according to ARISE’s coordinator Julie Mullen.

Application for this program was open from October 31 to November 9 last year. All recipients were randomly chosen from all the applicants on December 13. Any recipient can withdraw from the program and if so, a replacement will be chosen. To be eligible, an applicant must earn an income of 50% or less of Alexandria’s median income which depends on the size of their household as well. For a household with one person, applicants need to earn no more than $4,154 every month or $49,890 every year. For a household with two, the income limitation is $4,746 every month or $56,950 every year.

What is ARISE?

According to Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson, ARISE is intended to help the residents of Virginia with their finances and improve the city’s financial assistance programs. Programs like the Guaranteed Income Pilots affect poverty and economic discrimination. It allows members of the program to find out for themselves which budget strategies will benefit them the most, as reported by Zucker.


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