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Florida To Save Up To $400 After Toll Relief In January 2023

Florida Toll Relief Program
Florida Toll Relief Program

Residents of Florida will be saving up to $400 after the toll relief program starts in January 2023. This toll relief program is intended for residents only, and not tourists, says Johnson.

SunPass Savings Program

SunPass Savings Program

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently signed the Senate Bill 6A into law. This new law will provide a 50% credit on drivers’ accounts who use transponders to pay for tolls. Using a Florida-based transponder for at least 35 toll trips, the driver will get the 50% savings sent to their account the next month.

Eligible drivers do not have to apply for anything to receive the relief. They must only drive two-axle vehicles and have toll accounts that are in good standing. The program will start on January 1, 2023 and will carry on until the end of that year. According to DeSantis, the toll relief is intended for the state’s residents only and not for tourists. The Florida Department of Transportation also said that the bill will help commuters save up to $400 next year.

Other Relief Programs For Florida Drivers

Last August, the SunPass Savings Program for Florida drivers was also introduced. This is another toll relief program for Florida drivers who use the state’s Turnpike System. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, this program will let drivers save a total of $40 million. However, this program will end after the other toll relief program starts next year. During the fall, Florida also put a hold on the state’s gas taxes to help residents save up to 25 cents each gallon, as reported by Johnson.


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