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Up To $1,700 Tax Rebates To Be Issued Until 2023— See If Your State Is On The List!

Tax Rebates [Photo: Shutterstock]
Tax Rebates [Photo: Shutterstock]

There are nine states the U.S. citizens can look forward to issuing tax rebates of up to $1,700 until 2023, says George. Read the list to see if your state is one of them!

Tax Rebates

Tax Rebates

According to George, the relief payments to be issued by nine of the U.S. states will come in the form of tax rebates, additional budgets, and one-time payments. However, the federal government has not yet authorized the latest relief payments so the state governments decided to issue their own. These relief payments are intended to help U.S. citizens who are suffering from the rising costs of most sectors like gas, food, and housing. 

List of Nine States

George says the nine states that U.S. citizens can look forward to issuing tax rebates of $75 to $1,700 are as follows: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois, Idaho, Hawaii, Colorado, and California. Most of these states have already started issuing the tax rebates that will continue until January 2023.

In estimation, there are millions of U.S. citizens who can expect to be given of these tax rebates. Qualification for the recipients of these tax rebates will depend mostly on the status of their tax filing, their income, current residence, and the size of their household. Some tax rebates, however, might be issued later than others. Tax rebates via paper checks may be issued later as a result of the paper shortage, while direct deposits are expected to be issued earlier.


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