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Over 230,000 Low-Income Households Received $600 One-Time Payments In Oregon

Stimulus Payments
Stimulus Payments

More than 230,000 households with low income received one-time payments of $600 in Oregon. After receiving tax credits in 2020, these households received one-time payments again this year, says Manning.

Stimulus Payments [Photo:]

Stimulus Payments [Photo:]

According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, there were around 236,287 households that have already received the one-time payments last July. On March 2, the House Bill 4157 has been approved in the Oregon House by 42-16 votes and by 23-2 in the Oregon Senate the following day. The budget for the one-time payments came from the COVID-19 pandemic assistance provided by the federal government. This assistance was approved by the Congress way back in 2021.

These one-time payments were supported by a lot of advocate groups namely the Oregon American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, the Service Employees International Union, the Oregon Food Bank, and the Latino Network.

Who is eligible for these one-time payments?

According to Manning, to be eligible for the one-time payments, recipients must have also qualified for the income tax credit in 2020 and have resided in Oregon at that time. Recipients must also meet certain income limits. For example, a household with two children must earn an income of less than $53,865 every year, says the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries.

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