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$1,755 in SSI Benefits Coming Your Way: Second Payment of the Month Scheduled for Arrival in Just 10 Days!

In less than two weeks, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients will receive the second of two payments this month, totaling $1,755 in SSI benefits for the month.

As stated in an article published by the Washington Examiner on December 15, 2022, qualified recipients will receive a payment of $914 on December 30th, in addition to the $841 they received on December 1st.

According to the Social Security Administration, this second payment is being made because there will be no SSI payment in January, because SSI payments are normally made on the first business day of the month, and January 1st is a holiday (New Year’s Day).

Individuals who are considered “essential persons,” meaning they live with someone who receives SSI and provides necessary care, will also receive a second payment on December 30th, worth $458. This is in addition to the $421 payment they received on December 1st. Eligible couples will also receive two payments totaling $1,261 this month.

The additional payments being made this month are intended to make up for the months in which SSI does not send any payments, ensuring that recipients receive a total of 12 payments per year, according to the schedule. In 2022, the months in which no payments were scheduled to be made included January, May, and October, since the first day of these months fell on a weekend.

According to the schedule from the Social Security Administration (SSA), recipients of payments can expect to receive double payments in March, June, September, and December of 2023. This is because April, July, and October will fall on the weekend, while January 1st is a holiday.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has made a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for 2023, resulting in slightly higher payments for recipients and essential persons on December 30th compared to the previous December payment. This 8.7% COLA is the highest adjustment made by the SSA since 1981, when the COLA was 11.2%, according to an article on the SSA’s website.


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