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$1,000 Bonus Alert! Maryland Teachers Received Direct One-Time Payment for Holiday Season

This week, an early Christmas present will be received by the Maryland school district employees, giving additional money during the holiday season.

On Friday, Dec. 16, Anne Arundel County Public Schools gave a bonus of $1,000 to its employees as an Employee Appreciation Bonus. This bonus has been fully supported by the Board of Education.

According to the AACPS Communications Office on an article posted on November 30, 2022, the bonus was pro-rated based on an employee’s full-time equivalency and was delivered to all permanent employees who were not on leave of absence by Dec. 16.

Dr. Mark Bedell, Superintendent of Schools, emphasized in a letter to AACPS staff that the success of any school system relies heavily on the people who make it run. He also acknowledged and expressed his appreciation for the hard work and determination the employees have displayed in the face of challenges.

“As I have said before, the work you are doing in the face of some stiff challenges is incredible. No matter your role in our school system, our students benefit every day from your dedication and passion. Please don’t ever forget that,” said Dr. Bedell.

The bonuses for school staff were provided from the funds saved due to vacancies in the school system, so there was no need for the school district to request additional funding for them.

Dr. Bedell, the Superintendent of Schools, did not accept the bonus.

Also, employees were informed that there will be a healthcare premium holiday on Dec. 28, where in no healthcare premiums will be deducted from their pay. Due to the sufficient balance in the school system’s healthcare fund, this holiday is possible.

Bedell said that he fully realized that the bonus was a small gesture of appreciation, but it was important to him and to the Board of Education to continue finding ways to simply say “Thank You.”


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