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Georgia Employees To Receive Up To $1,500 Holiday Bonus This Christmas

Up To $1,500 Christmas Bonus in Georgia
Up To $1,500 Christmas Bonus in Georgia

Georgia employees are receiving up to $1,500 this Christmas after officials decided to provide them with a holiday bonus. This move is intended to keep more workers employed as some counties in Georgia have struggled to have enough first responders, utility persons, and the like, says MARCA.

Up To $1,500 Christmas Bonus in Georgia

Up To $1,500 Christmas Bonus in Georgia

On December 16, the government employees from Gwinnett County would start receiving their Christmas holiday bonus. Full-time employees will receive $1,500, while part-time workers will receive $750. As many as 21,500 eligible school district employees will also receive $1,000. This bonus is an increase from the $700 received by the school district’s full-time employees last year, says MARCA.

According to Blake, thousands of government employees in Dekalb County are also receiving a $1,500 one-time bonus this Christmas holiday. This holiday bonus is offered to all frontline workers. These workers include those who work in watershed management, sanitation, library, parks, and roads and drainage. Workers in the other departments will also get $1,000 retention bonuses this year, says County Chief Executive Officer Michael Thurmond. On the other hand, all public safety employees will receive a salary increase of 6.25% and a one-time $3,000 worth of retention incentives.

Bonuses Across the Country

Many other local governments have provided bonuses to help workers bear the rising costs of living and retain manpower. Maryland’s Berlin Touch Council also distributed $500 payments to their municipal employees. Underprivileged families in Tennessee will receive $500 payments, while the North Pulaski School District in Arkansas will also be distributing holiday bonuses, says MARCA.

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