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Prince Harry’s Shocking Confession On Drug Use Puts His U.S. Visa At Risk

Prince Harry's Memoir Spare [Photo: Fox News]
Prince Harry's Memoir Spare [Photo: Fox News]

Prince Harry’s shocking confession about drug use may put his U.S. Visa at risk. The revelation will be found in Prince Harry’s memoir Spare expected to be released on January 10.

Prince Harry Admits On Drug Use [Photo: India Today]

Prince Harry Admits On Drug Use [Photo: India Today]

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, shocked everyone with a revelation from his upcoming memoir entitled Spare. In this book, Prince Harry revealed that he had used cocaine on a shooting weekend when he was 17. He also admitted that aside from that incident, he had also used cocaine on other occasions. According to Prince Harry, he had also taken magic mushrooms at a celebrity’s party in California and smoked cannabis after his first date with his American wife Meghan Markle in London back in 2016.

According to McPolin, as a consequence of this confession, Prince Harry’s U.S. visa may be put at risk. Prince Harry has moved to the U.S. in 2020. It is unknown what visa he has, but people believe it would most likely be a spousal visa. This is due to his wife Meghan’s, the Duchess of Sussex, U.S. citizenship. Entry to the U.S. is allowed on a case-to-case basis. Its rules declare that an individual’s past or current actions like drug or criminal activities could be the cause of the said individual’s ineligibility for a visa.

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Possible Special Exemption

However, Prince Harry may still be accepted with a special exemption as a person with “extraordinary ability”. This is possible through the O-1 visa granted to movie stars and top athletes. This visa lasts for three years and must be extended or renewed by the end of the expiration. On January 7, the U.S. State Department announced that all visa applications are evaluated on a case-to-case basis. Under the U.S. law, visa records are reportedly confidential. Therefore, the details of Prince Harry’s visa cannot be discussed further, as reported by McPolin.

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