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Does Wearing Colourful Contact Lenses Harmful For Eyes!!

Still, you should never stick colored lenses in your eyes without consulting a doctor, she says. Contact lenses are not designed to correct your eyesight, but sit on your cornea and change the color of your iris, so that you need the help of an optician or ophthalmologist to adjust them to the surface of your eyes. If you do not wear lenses for corrective purposes, it is necessary to obtain a prescription to ensure that your eyes are safe to use.

When you achieve a suitable fit, the technician or doctor will explain to you the need to replace your contact lenses regularly (which can vary based on brand and type) and how to clean them. If you don’t wear corrective lenses, you may need to get a professional fit.
Although the risk of infection is greater with cosmetic lenses than with prescription lenses, you should still follow the same basic hygiene rules (see tips below). You should never clean your lenses with anything other than a clean hand or sterile solution.

If colored lenses are intended for repeated use, it is critical to disinfect, clean, and store them correctly. By reusing colored lenses, bacteria can enter the eyes and increase the risk of infection. Wearing colored lenses without consultation with an optician can be dangerous (read this tip).
Colored decorative contacts do not correct vision, but they can change the appearance of your eyes. If you want to change the eye color for special occasions, disposable daily color contact lenses are a great option. There is no type of surgery to change eye color, so colored contact is a safe and reversible way to change eye color.

The colored part of the eye, called the iris, is a complex structure and colored contacts have a series of tiny colored dots arranged in colored lines and shapes that help the lenses to look more natural to the eye. To complete this one costume, some people don’t even think about having an eye exam before applying colored contacts.
An optician can help you choose the color lenses that match your eyes to ensure optimum comfort with minimum risk. Many costume contact lenses are sold without a doctor’s prescription, which is illegal in the US. Contact lenses, including decorative contact lenses, can be purchased online or in mail order from your ophthalmologist or online from foreign manufacturers and distributors of decorative contact lenses.
Costume contact lenses (also known as cosmetic or decorative contact lenses) are contact lenses that change the appearance of your eyes. You can make your eye look different in many ways by changing the eye color and pupil shape to give an effect to cartoon or movie characters.

Countless adults, teenagers, and children will wear colored contacts this Halloween, but few are aware of the risks. Enjoy a safe and happy Halloween and inform yourself and others about the dangers of wearing these contact lenses without a prescription.

Many people believe that wearing non-prescription colored contact lenses can cause harm. Although it is illegal to sell colored contact lenses without a prescription, the authorities enforce the law, so that they are easily available at many places.

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