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Will season 2 of Citrus arrive or not? Read here for more information

Citrus is a popular anime series, meaning girl’s love. It was launched in the year 2018 and is based on the Manga series, which is both written and illustrated by Saburouta. The series was created by the studio Passione. The director of the series is Takeo Takahashi and Naoyuko Tatsuya. The genre of this show is Yuri. No announcement has been made regarding the second season of citrus. Neither the season has been canceled, nor has it been renewed. It is possible that it could take five to six years to watch the second season. The first season covers four Manga volumes. So, the remaining six volumes can be covered by the second season.

The plot of the Citrus Season 2

Fancy Yuzu had different thoughts about the first day of her new school after her mother got married again. She was completely unaware of the rigidness of the school. Instead of having a sweet High School Crush, she gets involved in a conflict with the head of the school Council named Mei. Mei is actually her half-sister. Yuzu fails to deal with her current life happenings and discovers a brand new side of her.

She discovers her sexual side. In the first season, there was complete tension, love triangles, confused emotions, and distractions. As the season ends, Mei ends up revealing her emotions. Yuzu doesn’t react properly, and this makes the atmosphere really awkward. The second season would let Yuzu explore her feelings and give clear reactions. The second season would be exciting as it would be really appealing to see how Yuzu reacts to her feeling and displays her actual thinking towards them.

Characters of the sequel

Following are the characters of the story:

  1. Ayana Taketatsu voices yuzu Aihara
  2. Minami Tsuda expresses mei Aihara
  3. Yukiyo Fujii voices Harumi Taniguchi
  4. Shiori Izawa expresses matsuri Mizusawa
  5. Yurika Kubo voices Himeko Momokino
  6. Ikumi Hayama expresses kayo Maruta
  7. Hisako Kanemoto expresses Sara Tachibana
  8. Rei Matsuzaki voices Nina Tachibana
  9. Tomoaki Maeno voices shō Aihara
  10. Kana Ueda voices ume Aihara
  11. Kinryū Arimoto voices mei’s Grandfather
  12. Reiko Suzuki sounds Mineko Fuji
  13. Shō Nogami expresses Amamiya
  14. Haruka Yamazaki voices kana
  15. Yuka Ōtsubo expresses Manami

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