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Most Dangerous Cities in Alaska Revealed by FBI Data: Alarming Crime Trends in the Last Frontie

Alarming Crime Trends Alaska’s Most Dangerous Cities

 FBI Data Identifies Most Dangerous Cities in the Last Frontier

According to OnlyInYourState, the most dangerous cities in Alaska have been determined by a recent review of FBI data from 2018 which throws light on alarming trends in crime in the Last Frontier. Alaska is known for being a harsh and isolated state but crime is a major problem there particularly in populous regions. Based on recorded violent and property crime events in cities with a population of at least 2,000 the rankings are determined. This data emphasizes the necessity for ongoing efforts to improve public safety and support law enforcement measures as well as the constant struggle to confront criminal activity in communities throughout Alaska.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Alaska


In Kotzebue, Alaska a little town with a population of just 3,273 citizens face alarming chances of becoming victims of criminal activity. There is an astounding 1 in 30 probability of encountering violence and 1 in 23 possibility of becoming a victim of property crime. These figures cast a pall over the neighborhood and cause serious concerns among the residents about their safety.


Kenai ranked as the second most dangerous city overall grapples with a significant incidence of property crime. Despite its picturesque natural surroundings residents of Kenai face a daunting 1 in 14 chance of experiencing property crime. However there is some relief in the relatively lower odds of violence with only a 1 in 127 chance of encountering violent acts providing some solace amid the prevalent safety challenges.


Anchorage Alaska’s largest city grapples with ongoing crime challenges though recent improvements are evident. Despite safety concerns the city offers many positives for residents to enjoy.


With 31,922 residents Juneau is the capital city and has seen a decrease in crime in recent years. In comparison to other places on the list Americans enjoy a relatively safer environment providing some security among Alaska’s safety challenges with a 1 in 20 probability of suffering property crime and a 1 in 120 chance of encountering violence.


With 10,522 residents Wasilla is the second most dangerous city in Alaska in terms of property crimes even though its population is lower. There is some relief from the significantly lower rates of violent crime which have a 1 in 172 chance of occurring and present a mixed bag of safety problems in the community as residents face a 1 in 16 risk of encountering property crime.


Kodiak an island community home to just under 6,000 residents grapples with its unique set of safety challenges. With a 1 in 23 risk of property crime and a 1 in 125 chance of violence residents must maintain vigilance despite the allure of the island’s attractions and positive aspects underscoring the importance of remaining cautious in the face of prevailing safety issues.

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