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Stay Safe in Albuquerque: Navigate High Crime Areas with Caution in 2024

Stay Alert in High Crime Areas for a Safer Visit

Navigating Safety in Albuquerque by Identifying High Crime Areas in 2024

According to Pro-Move Logistic, in the latest statistics on Albuquerque‘s crime rate for 2024 concerns arise over safety in high crime areas. While the city boasts many wonderful neighborhoods there are high crime areas where caution is advised. Maps indicate high crime areas that residents and visitors should be wary of. Though Albuquerque has its charms staying vigilant and informed about these regions can help ensure a safer experience for all.

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High Crime Areas in Albuquerque

International District

In the southeastern part of Albuquerque lies the International District which many Americans call the “War Zone” because there’s a lot of violence there. It’s one of the poorest areas in the city and there are a lot of fights and dangerous situations happening frequently. Americans who live there or visit should be really careful because of all the bad stuff that goes on.

Quigley Park

Quigley Park is located near Interstate 40 and it’s not a very safe place. The crime rate there is way higher than what you usually see in Albuquerque. It’s like three times higher than normal which means there’s a lot of crime happening in that area. So if you’re going through Quigley Park you should keep an eye out and be cautious.

La Mesa

Then there’s La Mesa which is known for being one of the worst parts of Albuquerque. The crime rate there is a lot higher compared to the rest of the city about two times higher. Since La Mesa is right next to the International District some of the crime from there also spills over into La Mesa making it even more unsafe for Americans who live or go there.

Crestview Bluff

Crestview Bluff is another area where you have to watch out. It’s usually okay during the day but once it gets dark things can get pretty bad. There are gangs and other dangerous stuff happening which makes the crime rate there 170% higher than usual. So if you’re in Crestview Bluff especially at night it’s best to stay away from trouble.

Enchanted Park

Lastly there’s Enchanted Park which might not have many Americans living there but it still has a lot of crime. The violent crime rate in Enchanted Park is really high like 130% higher than what you’d expect in Albuquerque. That means there’s a lot of violence happening there which can be really scary for the Americans who live in that neighborhood.

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