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Discover the Best Places to Live in Chattanooga, Tennessee: A Guide to Neighborhoods and Real Estate Trends

Explore Chattanooga’s Best Places – Find Your Perfect Home in Tennessee’s Vibrant City

 Best Places for Every Lifestyle and Budget

In Chattanooga, Tennessee its breathtaking natural scenery and lively culture provide a variety best places tailored to various lifestyles and tastes. According to Redfin, with an average rental cost of $1,488 and a median home sale price of $313,000 Chattanooga’s real estate market maintains its allure. Whether you’re in the market for purchasing a house or renting an apartment these neighborhoods offer a wide range of choices. With a focus on embracing an active outdoor life and fostering a tight-knit community spirit Chattanooga remains a magnet for newcomers eager to establish roots.

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Best Places to Live in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Alton Park

In Alton Park historic places and parks are cherished by residents. Ben Miller Park with its fields and community center is beloved by locals. Architectural styles like Craftsman and Victorian homes dot the neighborhood adding to its charm.


Brainerd with its proximity to the Brainerd Golf Course and Camp Jordan is recognized for its residential atmosphere. Various housing options such as single-family homes and apartments cater to different preferences. Its closeness to Downtown Chattanooga makes it a convenient yet peaceful place to reside.

City Center

Downtown Chattanooga also known as City Center bustles with entertainment venues and cultural landmarks. The Tivoli Theatre and riverfront restaurants draw crowds while green spaces like Miller Park offer respite. Historic sites including the One Central Plaza Building add to the area’s allure with modern condos and historic lofts providing diverse housing choices.

East Brainerd

Nestled cozily on the eastern side East Brainerd warmly invites you. Here beyond mere shopping centers lie inviting natural sanctuaries like Audubon Acres where trees share their secrets and trails beckon exploration. Whether you crave the snug embrace of a single-family home or the modern allure of an apartment East Brainerd has just the right fit for you. Its special designation as an unincorporated community outside Chattanooga adds a distinctive flavor akin to a hidden ingredient that sets it apart. So take a leisurely stroll through East Brainerd and uncover the enchantment woven into its streets and parks.

East Chattanooga

In East Chattanooga reminders of the past like the Chattanooga National Cemetery stand tall honoring the area’s deep history. As you wander you’ll find access to the Tennessee Riverwalk a treasure trove for those who love the outdoors. A stroll along its paths reveals scenic wonders and moments of tranquility. And when it comes to homes East Chattanooga offers a blend of styles from cozy Craftsman cottages to elegant Victorian residences each adding its own touch to the neighborhood’s unique atmosphere. So step into East Chattanooga where the echoes of history meet the whispers of nature creating a special place to call home.


Nestled proudly north of the Tennessee River, Hixson extends a warm invitation to outdoor enthusiasts. Within its borders lie not one but several parks like Greenway Farm and Chester Frost Park each offering its own brand of excitement. Whether it’s a leisurely picnic beneath the shade of trees or casting a line into peaceful waters there’s something for everyone to relish. And when the day winds down Hixson boasts an array of housing options from snug single-family homes to convenient townhouses catering to those who crave the buzz of an active lifestyle. So step into Hixson and unlock the endless possibilities that await where every day promises a new adventure in the making.

Lookout Valley

Lookout Valley’s scenic vistas and outdoor attractions make it a sought-after locale. Ruby Falls and Raccoon Mountain draw visitors with their natural wonders. The neighborhood offers a mix of housing types including single-family homes and apartments amidst its breathtaking backdrop.

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