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Choosing Safe Neighborhoods in Texas: Avoiding the Worst Places to Live Due to Hurricanes and Crime

Avoiding Worst Places to Live with Hurricane and Crime Hotspots for a Safe Move

How to Choose Neighborhoods with Low Crime and Natural Disaster Risk

According to K-Fox 95.5, moving to Texas can be exciting but it’s important to pick the right spot. Some places in Texas have more problems like hurricanes and crime. To stay safe it’s smart to check the crime rates before you decide where to live. Texas overall is safer than some nearby states but some towns have more crime than others. So it’s best to avoid those risky places if you can. Stay informed and choose wisely to keep yourself and your family safe in the Lone Star State.

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Worst Places to Live in Texas


In Huntsville where the average household income is just $29,254 per year families might find themselves limited in opportunities as the town is situated an hour away from Houston. Its remote location offers little in terms of activities for families.


Freeport with a population of 12,107 residents finds itself in the bottom five percent for education scores. For families hoping to see their children attend college in the future Freeport might not be the ideal place due to its educational shortcomings.


Galveston despite its household income of $37,770 which is better than some neighboring towns faces a challenge with a home vacancy rate of 38 percent. This alarming figure suggests that Galveston may struggle to attract and retain residents.


Weslaco grapples with an 8.6 percent unemployment rate and a 19 percent home vacancy rate. Additionally the high crime rate as reported by Homesnacks leaves residents vulnerable to criminal activity in the area.


In Vidor characterized by low population density the unemployment rate stands at 7.2 percent. Despite a decent income level of $39,000 annually Vidor faces challenges due to its low population density and high unemployment rate.


Wharton with a population of 8,718 residents struggles with a median home value ranked 86th worst in the state at $90,200. The town’s unemployment rate is a concerning 9.1 percent.


Palmview exhibits a low median home value of $83,200 and an 8.4 percent unemployment rate. With limited job opportunities and lower home values compared to neighboring towns Palmview faces economic challenges.

Aransas Pass

Aransas Pass contends with the thirteenth-highest crime rate in Texas. Despite a median home value of $107,000 the town’s 7.4 percent unemployment rate raises concerns about residents’ safety and economic stability.


Center surprises with a remarkably low median home value of $67,200 paired with a staggering 13.6 percent unemployment rate. The town’s economic struggles are evident making it a challenging place to live for many residents.


Robstown faces significant hardships with an alarming unemployment rate of 20 percent. With a median income barely above the poverty line and the ninth-highest crime statistics in Texas, Robstown presents serious challenges for its residents.

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