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Exploring Kentucky’s Most Dangerous Cities: Hopkinsville Tops List with Alarming Crime Rates, While Taylor Mill Emerges as Safest

Alarming Rates of Violent & Property Crimes in Most Dangerous Cities

Taylor Mill Shines as Safest City in Kentucky Amidst Rising Crime Concerns Statewide

According to RoadSnacks, Hopkinsville emerges as the most dangerous city in Kentucky with concerning rates of violent and property crimes. With 370 violent crimes per 100,000 Americans and 3,711 property crimes per 100,000 Americans statewide Kentucky ranks 40th in terms of danger among U.S. states. However, amidst this concerning trend Taylor Mill stands out as the safest city in Kentucky. The study examined 77 cities with over 5,000 residents revealing disparities in safety across the Bluegrass State. Additionally, despite its vibrant culture Louisville finds itself grappling with crime issues making it onto the list of the most dangerous cities in the nation.

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The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Kentucky


In Hopkinsville, Kentucky safety concerns loom large as the city is labeled the most dangerous place to live in the state for 2024. With a population of 30,528 Hopkinsville has experienced concerning crime rates including 113 violent crimes comprising 5 murders, 23 rapes, 28 robberies, and 57 aggravated assaults. Residents are urged to remain cautious amidst these troubling statistics emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts from law enforcement and the community to address safety challenges.


Louisville the most populous city in Kentucky has garnered the unfortunate distinction of ranking first in violent crime in the state. With 4,952 aggravated assaults, 1,276 robberies, 235 rapes, and 192 murders the city’s safety concerns overshadow its other notable features such as hosting the Kentucky Derby and being the birthplace of Muhammad Ali. Visitors and residents alike are advised to remain vigilant and consider precautionary measures while navigating the city.


Owensboro nestled along the Ohio River in western Kentucky boasts attractions like the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and the title of “Barbecue Capital of the World.” However, the city also grapples with its dark side ranking as the third most dangerous community in Kentucky. High rates of property crime including 264 car thefts and 1,545 larcenies underscore the need for heightened awareness and safety precautions among residents and visitors alike.


Middlesboro one of Kentucky’s most dangerous places to live continues to face challenges stemming from criminal activity. Despite not being a major hub of violence reports of 19 aggravated assaults and 4 rapes in 2022 contribute to the city’s ranking. Such incidents serve as reminders for residents to consider relocating to more promising areas within the state.


In Shively second highest in the state for murder residents seek solace amidst the city’s safety concerns. With 26 aggravated assaults, 35 robberies, and 9 rapes reported in 2022 maintaining personal safety remains a priority for those navigating the town. Vigilance is advised to mitigate risks and ensure community well-being.

Bowling Green

Bowling Green the sixth most dangerous city in Kentucky grapples with a high number of violent crimes and property thefts. With 212 violent crimes including 56 robberies reported in 2022 residents are urged to exercise caution to safeguard themselves and their belongings from potential threats.

Oak Grove

Oak Grove despite its relatively small population faces significant crime challenges that demand attention from local law enforcement. Reports of 139 larcenies, 42 burglaries, and 37 stolen cars in 2022 underscore the need for proactive measures to combat criminal activities and ensure community safety.


Newport situated across the Ohio River from Cincinnati contends with a high crime rate including notable instances of violent crime and arson. Despite its proximity to a major urban area Newport struggles with safety concerns evidenced by 16 sexual assaults and a high rate of arsons reported in the community.


Paducah once envisioned as a thriving community by its founder William Clark grapples with its ranking as one of Kentucky’s most dangerous cities. With a high total crime rate fueled by 790 property crimes reported in 2022 residents face ongoing challenges in maintaining safety and security within the city.


Florence ranking as the tenth most dangerous place to live in Kentucky for 2024 faces serious safety problems despite its 32,341 residents. With 194 violent crimes per 100,000 American and worries about property crime residents are reminded to stay alert and take steps to keep themselves and their belongings safe.

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