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New Mexico Turned to Dangerous State Cause of Democrats?

Republicans Criticize Democrats for Rising Crime in New Mexico

According to GrantCountyBeat, Republican representatives are upset with Democratic leaders in New Mexico. They say the state is becoming more dangerous because Democrats aren’t dealing with rising crime. According to a ranking system, New Mexico is now seen as the most dangerous state in the country. Republicans blame Democratic State Representatives for blocking tough crime laws they tried to pass during legislative sessions.

Republicans Highlight Failed Crime Legislation Blocked by Democrats in New Mexico

Republicans point to what happened in January as examples. They wanted to pass laws to keep violent criminals in jail and make punishments harsher for felons with guns. They also wanted tougher penalties for sexual offenders, especially those hurting kids, and to secure the border to stop cartels. But Democrats allegedly stopped these bills from becoming laws.

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New Mexico Turned to Dangerous State Cause of Democrats? (PHOTO: GOOGLE)

Republicans Slam Democrats: Vote for Safety, Not Criminal Leniency in New Mexico

Republicans think Democrats care more about criminals than keeping people safe. Even though Democrats are in charge of both the legislative chambers and the Governor’s office, crime rates in New Mexico keep going up. Republicans want voters to support their candidates in the next elections to fix the problem. They say the Democratic Party has changed and become too radical, and they want voters to choose Republicans for stronger laws on crime and border security.

Republicans Rally Residents: Demand Tough Crime Laws and Border Security Focus

Republicans want people to take action. They’re asking residents to contact their Democratic representatives and demand they focus on tough crime laws, especially for border security, in the next session. They also want people to tell Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to start caring about border security. The message from Republicans paints a picture of New Mexico facing a big crime problem and says voting Republican is the way to make things better.

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