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Discover Nevada’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities: Rising Crime Rates Highlight Urgent Need for Safety Measures!

 Rising Violent Crime Rates Highlight Most Dangerous Cities

Nevada’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Revealed, Urgent Safety Measures Needed

According to OnlyInYourState, in recent years Nevada has solidified its position as one of the most dangerous states in the nation with statistics painting a sobering picture of its after-dark landscape. Moreover, according to a report by the Nevada Department of Public Safety a violent crime unfolds in the Silver State approximately every 25 minutes and 55 seconds showcasing a worrying trend of escalating violence. Recent data reveals a 13 percent surge in violent crimes including murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and human trafficking, compared to the previous year. Combining insights from the FBI’s violent crime statistics and Neighborhood Scout a real estate site known for its timely data a list of the ten most hazardous cities in Nevada has been compiled. This compilation underscores the urgent need for enhanced safety measures and community initiatives to curb the rising tide of violence gripping the state after sundown.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada


Carlin is a small town with a population of 2,457, saw a concerning crime index of 369.4 in 2014 significantly higher than the national average. The FBI reported 16 violent crimes in this community urging residents to remain vigilant and cautious.


Moving to Elko another Nevada city the crime index stood at 230.5 which was slightly above the U.S. average. With a population of 19,748, Elko witnessed 89 violent crimes in 2014. Despite efforts to address the situation residents still faced a 1 in 294 chance of becoming victims of violent crime highlighting ongoing safety concerns.


Fallon ranked third in Nevada’s list of most dangerous places faced similar challenges. The city, home to 8,411 Americans experienced a crime index of 237 above the national average. While the number of violent crimes recorded by the FBI was relatively low at 23 the Neighborhood Scout Crime Index rated Fallon at a mere 3 out of 100 for safety.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas renowned for its vibrant entertainment scene struggled with high crime rates. With a staggering crime index of 398.4 well above the U.S. average the city of 1,500,455 residents reported a concerning 11,374 violent crimes in 2014. Despite its allure visitors and locals alike faced a significant risk of experiencing violence with odds calculated at 1 in 118.


Laughlin although boasting a lower crime index of 10 out of 100 still grappled with safety concerns. With odds of 1 in 54 of experiencing a violent crime residents and visitors had to remain cautious. However, the area offered various natural attractions providing opportunities for leisure and exploration.


Despite being a small town with only 1,898 Americans Lovelock faced a big problem with a high crime index of 607.7. In 2014 the FBI said there were 19 violent crimes showing that safety was still a big issue. However, Lovelock also had good things about it that gave Americans chances for both good and bad experiences.

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas with a population of 225,632 faced significant crime issues in 2014. The FBI recorded a substantial 1,806 violent crimes highlighting the urgent need for community safety initiatives and law enforcement efforts to address these concerns.


In Reno, a city with a population of 232,561 crime rates remained elevated with a crime index of 253.6. The FBI reported 1,154 violent crimes underscoring ongoing challenges in maintaining public safety and security.


In the city of Sparks which boasted a population of 92,768 residents 271 violent crimes were reported in 2014. Despite its smaller scale in comparison to other cities in Nevada Sparks encountered its own set of crime-related challenges.

West Wendover

Last on the list of risky places in Nevada was West Wendover. It’s a smaller city with 4,540 Americans it had a high crime index of 402.8 much higher than the national average. The FBI reported 23 violent crimes in 2014 showing that safety is a big issue there and needs serious attention.

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