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Top 10 Unveiled: Shocking Study Reveals Minnesota’s Worst Places to Live!

Minnesota’s Worst Places to Live

Study Unveils Minnesota’s Most Undesirable Towns

According to KROC, In a recent study conducted by Road Snacks shocking revelations have surfaced about the worst places to live in Minnesota. The study examined 145 cities and towns with populations of 5,000 or more to determine which areas fell short in terms of essential living conditions. Factors such as education quality crime rates, housing standards, income levels, and commute times were scrutinized to gauge overall livability. By analyzing data from the Census and FBI crime reports Road Snacks unveiled the top 10 locations lacking these vital components for a desirable living environment. Residents across the Land of 10,000 Lakes were left astonished as familiar towns found themselves on this undesirable list. Stay tuned for further updates on this eye-opening revelation.

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Virginia, Minnesota has been labeled as the 10th worst place to live in the state. Despite being known as the hometown of actor Chris Pratt the town faces challenges with low income, home values, and high unemployment rates.

St. Cloud

St. Cloud sitting at number 9 on the list grapples with high crime rates as highlighted by FBI data. This issue has significantly impacted the town’s ranking.


At number 8 Faribault faces struggles with jobs and education with Road Snacks deeming the schools as “mediocre at best”. These factors contribute to its placement on the list of worst places to live in Minnesota.


Fridley occupies the 7th spot primarily due to its elevated crime rate surpassing even that of St. Cloud according to Road Snacks’ research.

Little Canada

Little Canada finds itself as the 6th worst place to live in Minnesota facing financial challenges and a notable property crime rate as outlined by Road Snacks.

Brooklyn Center

Brooklyn Center kicks off the top 5 grappling with high crime rates and a weak education system. Although the economy shows strength it isn’t enough to offset these challenges.


Bemidji secures the 4th spot with its crime rate being labeled the highest per capita in the state by FBI data. Road Snacks also notes high unemployment and low income levels in the area.

Red Wing

Red Wing claims the 3rd spot due to its crime rate and economic situation which Road Snacks describes as contributing to a lower-than-average economic status for residents.


Brainerd is named the second worst place to live in Minnesota. Road Snacks points out that it has a lot of Americans without jobs and the lowest average household income compared to other places in the state.

Waite Park

Finally, Waite Park is crowned as the worst place to live in Minnesota with property crimes and low average household income contributing to its top ranking on the list of worst places to reside in the state.

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