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Exploring the Most Dangerous Places in Massachusetts: A Detailed Analysis of Crime Data Reveals High-Risk Areas!

Unveiling Massachusetts’ Most Dangerous Place

Exploring Crime Hotspots in Massachusetts

According to Movoto, in a detailed analysis of crime data researchers have identified the most dangerous places in Massachusetts. After sifting through information from various sources they narrowed it down to 68 locations. These places were ranked based on the number of crimes per person, with murders, violent crimes, and property crimes given extra weight in the scoring. The goal was to paint a clearer picture of where crime is most prevalent. The result? An overall “Big Deal Score” that highlights the areas with the highest crime rates. It’s important to note that this ranking isn’t a judgment on police efforts but rather a reflection of where crimes tend to occur. Now, let’s check out the most dangerous places in Masachusetts.

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Most Dangerous Places in Massachusetts


Chelsea stood out as having the highest number of violent crimes per capita ranking second overall for total crimes. Property crimes and murders were also prevalent with residents facing a 1 in 18 chance of being victimized.


Springfield is another city on the list that had the second highest number of murders and property crimes per American. Burglaries and vehicle thefts were common contributing to the overall crime rate. Residents faced similar odds with a 1 in 18 chance of being affected by crime.


Brockton which is located in Plymouth County ranked high for its abundance of violent crimes including assaults and robberies. Despite its population size Brockton reported a significant number of rapes and murders placing it fourth in murders per American statewide.


Worcester with over 8,000 reported crimes in 2012 had a moderate crime rate per American ranking fifth in property crimes and seventh in violent crimes. Though lower than some cities its population size meant a notable impact on residents.

New Bedford

New Bedford is in Bristol County and faced challenges with the third highest number of violent crimes per American. Property crimes also posed a concern indicating a significant presence of criminal activity.


Boston is the state’s capital and was reported the highest number of murders per capita. Despite its large population the rate of murders was noteworthy surpassing other areas in the state.


Holyoke is located in Hampden County and had a lot of property crimes happening per American which made it the city with the most total crimes in the state. Americans living there had a 1 in 14 chance of being victims of crime.

Fall River

Fall River although not topping the list for murders ranked fourth in violent crimes per American. Assaults and robberies were prevalent contributing to its overall crime rate.

North Adams

North Adams reported no murders in 2012 but ranked third in property crimes per American resulting in the fourth highest total number of crimes statewide.


Lawrence which is in Essex County has saw a significant number of violent crimes per capita including a notable number of murders. With a population just under 78,000 its crime rate had a considerable impact on residents.

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