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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Indiana: Where Crime Rates Are High

Identifying High Crime Areas and Safety Concerns

Discover the Most Dangerous Cities in Indiana

According to WIBC, some cities in Indiana are known to be very unsafe. This is because they have a lot of crime happening like stealing and fighting. We made a list of the top 10 most dangerous cities in Indiana. We did this because we want to help Americans understand which places might not be safe to live in or visit.

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Indiana

South Bend

In South Bend, Indiana concerns rise as it maintains its reputation as the most dangerous city in the state. With a violent crime rate nearly five times the state average and property crime rates more than double residents express worry over safety. The city located in Saint Joseph County and ranked as the fourth largest in Indiana faces ongoing challenges in combating crime.


Gary, Indiana was once bustling with its steel industry but now grapples with elevated crime rates. Violent crime and property crime rates exceed both state and national averages causing unease among residents. Specific areas like The Concord Area and 5th Ave. are labeled as areas to avoid highlighting localized issues within the city.


Indianapolis, Indiana is the state’s capital and largest city but struggles with high crime rates surpassing state averages. With violence occurring at more than double the state rate and property crime incidents surpassing 35 events per 1000 residents concerns persist. Areas like Bos and Haughville are flagged as potentially unsafe prompting discussions on community safety measures.

East Chicago

East Chicago, Indiana faces challenges with a violent crime rate significantly higher than the state average. The smaller-sized city in Lake County contends with property crime rates also exceeding state norms. Residents express concern over safety urging authorities to address underlying issues contributing to crime.


Kokomo, Indiana finds itself grappling with crime rates surpassing both state and national averages. With violent crime statistics exceeding the national and state averages residents voice apprehension. Central neighborhoods are identified as areas with higher risk prompting calls for increased community policing efforts.


Evansville, Indiana confronts elevated crime rates surpassing national averages in both violent and property crime. With a risk five times the state average in terms of crimes per square mile residents voice concerns about safety. Efforts to address crime and enhance community security remain ongoing priorities for city officials.


In Lafayette, Indiana there’s more crime happening than in other places across the country. Violence is a big problem especially in the northwest neighborhoods. People are talking about how to make things safer like working together with the police and community groups.


Anderson, Indiana grapples with significant property crime rates resulting in residents facing a one in 26 chance of becoming victims. The downtown area is singled out as one of the less safe areas highlighting localized concerns. Calls for enhanced security measures and community engagement echo among residents and officials alike.


Clarksville, Indiana, situated along the Ohio River contends with property crime rates substantially higher than the state average. Residents face a notable risk of becoming victims prompting calls for heightened vigilance and preventive measures. Collaboration with neighboring metro areas is emphasized to address cross-border crime challenges.


Shelbyville, Indiana part of the greater metro Indianapolis area faces elevated violent crime rates compared to state and national averages. While property crime rates hover slightly above the state average concerns persist among residents. Efforts to improve community safety and address underlying factors contributing to crime remain ongoing priorities for local authorities.

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