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Exploring Texas’ Most Dangerous Cities: Crime Rates in the Lone Star State!

Unveiling Crime Rates Across the Lone Star State

Exploring Safety Concerns in Texas’ Most Dangerous Cities

In Texas, a state known for its size, history, and diverse landscapes there’s a darker side, crime. Our latest report delves into the most dangerous cities in the Lone Star State. From bustling metropolises to smaller urban areas these places grapple with crime rates that concern residents and authorities alike. With over 30 million people spread across vast expanses, safety remains a priority. Despite Texas’s rich heritage and contributions to the nation’s economy issues of crime persist in certain areas, according to Express Legal Funding. Stay tuned as we uncover the challenges facing these communities and efforts to address them.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Texas


Despite being known as Buddy Holly’s birthplace and the location of Texas Tech University Lubbock faces difficulties as one of Texas’ toughest places to live. With the state’s highest violent crime rate Lubbock saw a ten percent crime increase from 2021 to 2022 ranking it among Texas’ most crime-ridden cities.


Beaumont is labeled the second most dangerous city in Texas for violent crime faces challenges due to pandemic-related delays in trials. This backlog allows more perpetrators to remain free while awaiting trial contributing to the increase in violent crimes in the coastal city.

San Antonio

In San Antonio the crime rate has hit an all-time high according to recent FBI data. Reasons for the surge include population growth, drug-related gang activity, and substance abuse. Police officers cite these factors as potential causes for the dangerous trend in violent crime.


Dallas is known for its bustling economy and corporate headquarters that struggles with crime despite its industrial strength. Homicides increased in 2023 prompting questions about the city’s safety.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is renowned for its coastal beauty and recreational activities contends with high crime rates. Despite its appeal as “America’s birdiest place,” the city faces challenges in addressing its crime issues.


Amarillo which is nestled in the Texas Panhandle, Americans that live there  struggle dealing with crime despite its amazing and breath-taking surroundings. As the largest city in the region Amarillo faces challenges in maintaining safety amidst its thriving industries.

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