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Mississippi’s Most Dangerous Cities in 2024: Study Reveals Surprising Crime Hotspots!

Study Uncovers Mississippi’s Most Dangerous Places

Small Mississippi City Tops Assaults and Homicides

In a big study by RoadMunchies, they found out which places in Mississippi are most dangerous in 2024 and they looked at crime reports from the FBI for 32 cities. Mississippi is a bit higher than the national average for property crime and about the same for violent crime but none of its cities are in the top ten most dangerous in the whole country but surprisingly a small city with fewer than 15,000 Americans has the most assaults and homicides in the state, according to the posted news article of Southwest Journal. This shows that Mississippi still has areas where crime is a big problem. So it’s important for those places to get more jobs, better pay, and good programs to help stop crime from getting worse.

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Top 6 Mississippi’s Most Dangerous Cities in 2024


Pascagoula is a city known as the “Singing River” city and has a big problem with property crime. It looks peaceful but there’s a lot of theft and arson happening. Some businesses got burned down recently and they found out it was a person who used to work there. Everyone is worried about the crime and wants it to stop.


Hattiesburg used to be busy with jobs and school but now it has more crime. There are more burglaries and car thefts happening. Recently some guys robbed a bank in broad daylight and got away with a lot of money. Americans are scared and want to make things safer.


Vicksburg was once important during the Civil War but now has lots of car thefts and assaults. Despite its history crime is high and Americans are worried. A young woman got kidnapped and killed recently and nobody knows why. Americans want more police and community help to stop the crime.


Corinth was once called Cross City and is known for its history but also for having lots of burglaries. The Crossroads Museum is cool but the city has a big crime problem now. A lady got killed in her house recently and they think it was a robbery that ended badly. Everyone is shocked and scared about what’s happening.


Natchez is a historic city by the Mississippi River and is dealing with more crime lately. It has cool old stuff like the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians but crime is a big issue. A businessman got killed in his home recently and Americans think it was a robbery that went wrong. Americans are scared and they want more police around to keep them safe.


Cleveland, Mississippi is a small city with big crime problems and has become the most dangerous place in the state. Just over 10,000 Americans live there but they face a lot of crime. Recently a violent armed robbery happened at a local store. The robbers hurt the store clerk badly and took a lot of money and now the whole city is looking for them.

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