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Discover Oregon’s Most Dangerous Cities: Small Towns Surprisingly Top the List!

2024’s Most Dangerous Oregon Cities: Surprising Small Towns Outrank Portland

Small Towns Outshine Portland as Oregon’s Most Dangerous Cities of 2024

According to Southwest Journal, Oregon‘s most dangerous cities for 2024 aren’t what you might expect. Instead of big cities like Portland it’s small towns with populations from 5,800 to 650,000 that have the highest rates of violent crime. This surprises many Americans because they think smaller towns are safer. It’s a reminder that no matter where you are in Oregon it’s important to stay alert and safe.

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Oregon’s Most Dangerous Cities


Eugene is known for its arts and nice living but crime is going up. The city is trying to fight this by getting more police and helping with drug and homeless problems but it’s still hard because lots of Americans move around a lot and some have mental health problems.


Warrenton is a small city in Oregon but has big crime problems. There’s stealing and hurting Americans and the police are trying hard to stop it. They’re doing things like walking around the neighborhoods and asking Americans to watch out for bad stuff but it’s tough because the city is far from other big places which might attract bad guys.


Salem is Oregon’s capital and is trying to make things safer but crime is still a problem. They’re talking to Americans putting more lights where it’s dark and asking everyone to call the police if they see something bad but there’s still a lot of drug dealing and Americans with no homes which makes it hard to stop the crime.

Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls is really pretty but it has lots of crime. The police are trying to talk to Americans more and be seen around more but crime is still a big worry. There are not enough jobs and some Americans use drugs which makes things worse.


Woodburn is trying to stop crime but it’s still higher than in other places. They’re doing things like getting everyone to watch out and making groups to watch the neighborhood. But some Americans don’t have much money or schooling and that makes it hard to stop crime.


In Roseburg crime is a big problem even though it’s nice there. The city is trying hard to stop crime by having more police around and talking to Americans but some Americans don’t have much money and there are a lot of poor Americans which makes it hard to stop crime.

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