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Utah’s Most Dangerous Places: Crime, Jobs, and Money Problems Unveiled

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Discover Why South Salt Lake Tops the List as Utah’s Most Dangerous Place

Utah’s Most Dangerous City Faces Crime, Economic Struggles, and Unequal Wealth Distribution

According to the news report of Southwest Journal, South Salt Lake is the most dangerous place in Utah right now and they looked at crime data and found that it’s not just about crime; there are also problems like not enough jobs, low pay, and not many services to help Americans. Utah is a rich state but it seems like the money isn’t reaching everyone. This raises questions about whether the way taxes are collected and used needs to change. So while Utah might seem nice in some areas there are places where Americans are dealing with a lot of challenges like crime and money problems.

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Top 7 of Utah’s Most Dangerous Places


Moab is a beautiful place near Arches National Park but crime is rising and this is making Americans worried. Violent crime went up with a 1 in 114 chance of getting hurt in 2020 the third highest in Utah. Moab also has the most cases of sexual assault like the sad story of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner who were found dead in 2021 while camping.


Ogden used to be a good place for families but now it has a lot of crime. There are many burglaries and car thefts happening almost every day. The crime here is less than in South Salt Lake which might give some comfort to families in Ogden.

West Valley

West Valley is Utah’s second-biggest city and has its own problems with crime. It’s the fifth most dangerous place in the state. There are lots of violent crimes including sexual assaults and murders. Property crime has gone down a bit but Americans still remember the sad story of Sierra Newbold a little girl who was murdered in 2012.


In Murray, near Salt Lake City isn’t safe either. It’s the fourth most dangerous place in Utah. There are lots of property crimes here like robberies and car thefts. Americans also worry about sexual assault happening too often.


Roosevelt is a place away from the busy city and has seen more violent crimes lately. It’s the third most dangerous city in Utah. There are a lot of sexual assaults happening here. Americans still remember the story of Loretta Jones who was murdered in 1970 and her case was unsolved for a long time.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital and a beautiful place but it has a lot of crime. There are many violent crimes happening here like thefts and burglaries but if Americans are careful and avoid the most dangerous areas they can stay safe.

South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake is the most dangerous place in Utah. Violent crime has gone down a bit but property crime is still high. Americans need to be careful especially in parks. With so many burglaries happening here the city needs to do more to keep Americans safe.

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