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Atlantic City: Affordable Living Amidst Economic Challenges and High Crime Rates

Discover the intricacies of life in Atlantic City, where affordability intersects with economic hardship and crime rates paint a complex picture of this coastal community.

Population, Economics, and Cost of Living in Atlantic City

In Atlantic City, the rich tapestry of its population reflects the vibrant cultural mosaic of the city, boasting a resident count exceeding 38,000. However, according to an article from Home Snacks, beneath this surface lies a narrative of economic hurdles, with a median income plateauing at $35,188 and a notable 13.1% contending with unemployment. Yet, amid these challenges, a glimmer of optimism emerges, anchored by a median home value of $189,928, providing a viable housing avenue for locals. Furthermore, with a cost of living registering 1.0x lower than the national average, Atlantic City beckons as an appealing destination for those pursuing financial stability.

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Insights into Atlantic City’s Climate and Crime Dynamics

As the sun dips below Atlantic City’s skyline, locals prepare for the whims of its climate. From highs averaging 62.1°F to lows of 47.1°F, the city’s weather showcases a tapestry of seasonal shifts. However, amidst this natural backdrop, a somber reality emerges—the city’s battle with crime. In the past year alone, 3,744 crimes were reported, highlighting a concerning trend surpassing national averages by 318.39%. Violent crimes, notably, afflict the community at a rate of 1,690.8 per 100,000 individuals, dimming the allure of the city’s landscape.

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