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Most Dangerous Vermont Cities Revealed- Top 10 Urban Hotspots!

Vermont’s Violent and Property Crime Rates Exposed in Recent Analysis

Barre Town Identified as Vermont’s Safest City Amidst Concerning Crime Trends

A recent analysis by Saturday Night Science examined FBI crime data to determine which Vermont cities are the most dangerous. They examined 23 cities with populations of more than 5,000 people to determine the prevalence of violent and property crime in each. The results showed that Brattleboro is currently the most dangerous city in Vermont.

The survey discovered that Vermont had a violent crime rate of 489 events per 100,000 people and a property crime rate of 6,094 incidents per 100,000 people. This places Vermont as the 48th most dangerous state in the entire United States. Barre Town is regarded as the safest city in Vermont.

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Most Dangerous Vermont Cities Revealed- Top 10 Urban Hotspots! (PHOTO: Travel Safe Abroad)

Discrepancies in Crime Rates Unveiled Across Vermont Despite Scenic Reputation

Despite Vermont’s reputation for beautiful landscapes and pleasant population, the survey found discrepancies in crime rates around the state. While some Vermonters may feel safe in their neighborhoods, the data highlight the disparities in safety across the state. This underlines the need for enhanced efforts to improve overall community safety in Vermont, resulting in a safer environment for all citizens.

10 Most Dangerous Vermont Cities

1. Brattleboro. Brattleboro, with a population of 12,256, is the most deadly city in Vermont. Its distinctiveness is not simply because it ranks first; rather, it has the highest total crime rate in the state, exceeding the national average by a stunning 70%. What makes Brattleboro so perilous? The numbers present a clear picture. With Vermont’s highest property crime rate, people stand a frightening 1 in 16 possibility of falling victim to theft or vandalism in 2022, even ordinary outings to the Farmers’ Market. Additionally, burglary is a major worry, with Brattleboro having the highest burglary rate in the state. This highlights the critical necessity for residents to implement adequate security measures to secure their homes and valuables in this congested town.

2. Winooski. Winooski, northeast of Burlington, is Vermont’s second-least safe city. Despite a slight decrease in violent and property crime rates from the previous year, the Winooski Police Department still faces significant challenges. With Vermont’s second worst murder rate and 13th highest number of rape charges, residents are urged to be vigilant and secure their homes, especially because Winooski has the state’s fifth highest burglary rate. These worrisome statistics highlight the ongoing effort needed to address neighborhood safety problems and protect individuals’ well-being.

3. St. Albans. Beginning our list of the most dangerous places to live in Vermont in 2024 is St. Albans, a city of 7,022 located approximately half an hour north of Burlington. Despite a decline in property crime rates since last year, St. Albans has seen an increase in violent crime. St. Albans has the second-highest rate of assault, robbery, rape, or murder in Vermont, with a startling 1 in 175 chances of encountering it in 2022. Although property crime has improved, it remains the sixth highest statewide, stressing the significance of remaining cautious and protecting valuables, particularly for visitors passing through St. Albans during events such as the Vermont Maple Festival.

4. Rutland. Rutland, Vermont’s third largest city, has been ranked as the fourth most dangerous place to reside, a designation likely unsurprising to many locals. Despite experiencing consistent crime rates over the past year, Rutland boasts the state’s sixth highest rate of violent crime, equating to a one-in-208 likelihood of experiencing a violent attack annually. With occurrences of more than one property crime per day, including an average of over one burglary weekly in 2022, concerns regarding security persist. It is imperative for establishments such as the Norman Rockwell Museum to implement adequate security measures to deter potential burglaries and ensure the safety of both residents and visitors.

5. Burlington.The University of Vermont is located in Burlington, the state’s largest city, which is classified as the sixth most hazardous place in the state in 2024. Burlington has seen a sharp rise in violent and property crimes in the past year, despite its lively atmosphere. The third-highest homicide rate in the state and the 16th-highest rape rate are being experienced by the populace. Being vigilant is crucial, especially when shopping on Church Street, as there are three property offenses committed on average every day. The surge in criminal activity emphasizes how urgently community-wide programs to bolster security and deal with the underlying causes of Burlington’s security problems are needed.

6. Bennington. Bennington, in southern Vermont, was recently named the sixth most dangerous place to live. The town’s population of 15,301 experienced an alarming increase in violent and property crimes, propelling it five spots up the danger list. Bennington currently has the unfortunate distinction of having Vermont’s highest violent crime rate, raising worries about public safety. The landmark Bennington Battle Monument, once a source of historical pride, is now a mournful reminder of the community’s ongoing security concerns. With the tenth highest burglary rate in the state, citizens are encouraged to take precautions and protect their homes. These concerning trends highlight the critical need for joint efforts to reduce crime and promote community safety in Bennington.

7. St. Johnsbury. St. Johnsbury is located in northeastern Vermont, near the border with New Hampshire and less than 50 miles from Canada. Despite its rural surroundings, the town has attractions such as the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium. However, as the area’s population hub, St. Johnsbury faces its own set of issues, with crime being a major worry. Residents in the seventh most dangerous area in Vermont face high rates of robbery, burglary, and theft. These concerns emphasize the critical need for community-wide measures to reduce crime and improve safety in St. Johnsbury.

8. Barre. Barre, located about 15 minutes southeast of Montpelier, is Vermont’s seventh most dangerous town. With a population of 8,447, the town appreciates its granite heritage but wishes for safer streets. Unfortunately, Barre had Vermont’s fourth highest violent crime rate in 2022, which is a matter of concern for residents. It has the highest rate of rape cases in the entire state, which is quite concerning. These statistics show the important need for local authorities and communities to prioritize safety measures while also addressing the root causes of crime in Barre.

9. South Burlington.With 20,307 residents, South Burlington has Vermont’s ninth highest crime rate. It ranks lower on the list than its northern cousin, but property crime is more common there. In 2022, the likelihood of theft or property damage was 1 in 25 for residents. This might be related to incidents like shoplifting at the biggest mall in Vermont or attempts to steal information about new ice cream flavors from Ben & Jerry’s corporate headquarters. In spite of this, South Burlington has the lowest rate of violent crime among the cities mentioned, giving those who avoid retail activities a sense of protection.

10. Montpelier. Montpelier, Vermont’s capital, is located in the state’s north-central region and boasts a distinct set of characteristics, including the stately gold-domed State House. However, beyond its gorgeous façade lies a darker side to Montpelier, marked by high rates of car theft, larceny, and violence. Despite its modest population of 7,995, the town has a shady underworld that is frequently masked beneath its postcard presentation. With Montpelier rating as the ninth most dangerous city in Vermont for violent crime, there is an urgent need for community-wide measures to address safety concerns and reduce criminal activity in this picturesque New England town.

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