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2024 Shreveport Neighborhood Rankings: Unveiling the Most Worst Neighborhood in Shreveport

"2024 Shreveport Neighborhood Rankings: Unveiling the Most Worst Neighborhood in Shreveport"

Discovering the safety levels of Shreveport’s neighborhoods in 2024 reveals some eye-opening insights. Through a blend of statistics and opinion, we’re uncovering which areas are thriving and which ones could use some improvement. Among the neighborhoods under scrutiny, Allendale-Lakeside and Mooretown And Hollywood Heights stand out as the most concerning. These rankings aren’t just about crime rates; they consider factors like employment opportunities, income levels, population density, and property values.

“2024 Shreveport Neighborhood Rankings: Unveiling the Most Worst Neighborhood in Shreveport”

Breaking Down Worst Neighborhood in Shreveport: Allendale-Lakeside and Mooretown And Hollywood Heights

Allendale-Lakeside takes the unfortunate title of the worst neighborhood in Shreveport for 2024. With a population of 6,860, it grapples with high rates of both violent and property crimes. Median home values are strikingly low at $38,892, reflecting economic challenges within the community. Similarly, the median income of $19,668 indicates financial struggles for many residents.

Mooretown And Hollywood Heights follows closely behind, facing its own set of issues. Despite a slightly higher median home value of $84,620, the neighborhood contends with a significant violent crime rate of 1,002 incidents per 100,000 people. With a median income of $22,387, residents here also face economic hardships that impact their quality of life.

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Identifying Areas for Safety and Growth

These rankings aren’t intended to paint a bleak picture of Shreveport entirely. It’s more about highlighting areas that could benefit from attention and resources to improve residents’ safety and well-being. In contrast, neighborhoods like Springlake-University Terrace shine as beacons of safety and prosperity, showcasing the city’s potential for growth and development.

By understanding the challenges faced by different neighborhoods, city officials, community leaders, and residents can work together to implement positive changes. Whether it’s through increased policing, economic development initiatives, or community outreach programs, there are opportunities to make meaningful improvements and create a safer, more vibrant Shreveport for all its residents.

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