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The Top Worst Neighborhoods in Houston You Should Avoid in 2022

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Imagine this: The wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the busy café in Houston. We’re exploring the lesser-known areas of Bayou City today, away from the picture-perfect settings. Rather, we are investigating neighborhoods that may cause you to tighten your purse a little bit.

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Unveiling the 2022 List of Worst Neighborhoods in Houston

Houston, like any city, has its challenges, and lately, its homicide rate has been on the rise, prompting us to view the city through a different lens. To guide us, we have a list from RoadSnacks highlighting the worst neighborhoods in Houston for 2022. It’s not a list anyone wants to top, but it’s crucial to know.

How were these lists put together? It was no random game; they dug into the most recent census data, looking at 26 communities with more than 6,000 residents’ income levels, unemployment rates, crime rates, and housing prices. A ‘Snackability’ score was assigned to each neighborhood.

Not for the timid, are the neighborhoods at the bottom of the list. locations where robberies frequently occur, carjackings occur during the day, and the adage “nothing good happens after dark” is accurate.

Despite the efforts of Houston’s 3,500 police officers, crime is increasing in the city, a concerning trend compared to other major U.S. cities.

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Revealing the Top Worst Neighborhoods in Houston to Avoid in 2022

Now, let’s look at some of the worst neighborhoods in Houston to avoid. Far North, despite its name, is a retail haven but lacks job opportunities, with a median income of $30,316. Northeast, a golfer’s paradise, has a median income of $32,777. Southeast, home to attractions like the Houston Zoo, has an unemployment rate of 6.1% and a median income of $41,297. East End, a historic area, faces economic challenges with a median income of $37,480. North Houston, with a murky economy, ranks fifth least appealing in 2022.

Southwest Houston, home to NRG Stadium, has a somewhat unstable economy, ranking fifth worst. Sugarland, despite its sweet name, faces economic challenges with a median income of $42,634. Northwest Houston, nestled near I-10, has a promising economy but raises concerns. Pasadina offers bay access but has commuting challenges. Spring Branch, on the city’s northwest edge, has a stable economy but struggles with affordability.

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