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2024: 10 Most Dangerous Areas in Utah

Utah’s 10 Most Dangerous Areas for 2024.

2024: 10 Most Dangerous Areas in Utah. (PHOTO: Travel Safe Abroad)

The 10 Most Dangerous Areas in Utah for 2024 were found by Southwest Journal based on crime numbers. In places with more than 5,000 people, they looked at FBI records of property crimes and major crimes. Not only are these places dangerous, but they also don’t have enough work, money, or services to help people. Some people in Utah don’t know how rich they are. The poll says that South Salt Lake is the most dangerous because of how many thefts, gunshots, and robberies happen there. The danger is not in a sports movie but in the news at six o’clock.

10 Most Dangerous Areas in Utah for 2024


Fires and break-ins make Utah the ninth-most dangerous state. There are 36,527 people living in this town in the middle of Utah. People say it’s an 8/10 place to live, but there is a lot of crime where I live.

Park City

That is where the Sundance Film Festival takes place. It’s Utah’s ninth-most dangerous spot, so break-ins are more likely to happen there. Since Uta von Schwedler died in 2011, Park City’s art scene has gotten worse.


Riverdale, in Ogden, is the sixth-most dangerous place in Utah. It is now the sixth-most dangerous state for crime, mostly car theft. A lot of the cases are fake. More often, things break and are stolen. The 7/10 Livability Index might go down if you play golf.


People like Moab, even though it’s not very big. There is a lot of crime there. In Utah’s sixth-most dangerous spot, things get worse. A lot of attacks on women happen in towns all over the state. Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner are two names that have died. I got married in 2021. Moab’s story ends on a sad note.


It is good to live with family. It used to be safe in this city, but now it’s the sixth-most dangerous in Utah. It’s not nice to live there, and every day, cars are broken into and stolen. People are still scared, even though Ogden has less crime and damage to property than South Salt Lake.

West Valley

West Valley is the sixth-most dangerous place in Utah. There are five times as many big crimes against women as there are against men. West Valley isn’t as bad as it used to be, but it was bad in the past. Sierra Newbold, who was 6 years old, died here in 2012.


The fourth-most dangerous place in Utah is south of Salt Lake City. It’s more likely that someone will steal or damage your things here because it’s the third-most crime-prone place. Murray has an 8/10 Livability Index, but it is unsafe to live there because of the number of sexual attacks.


A lot of people have died there. These kinds of crimes happen more often in the area. Trump was sad when Loretta Jones died in 1970.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, which is the city of Utah, is the second-most dangerous place in the US. It has beautiful scenery, but in 2020, it had the second-highest number of major crimes. Be careful, because cars are stolen all the time.

South Salt Lake

Some places are safer than South Salt Lake. The number of property thefts is the same as it was last year. But there are more crimes against people. Crimes like theft, sexual assault, and murder happen more often in South Salt Lake than anywhere else in Utah. In parks, people need to be careful.

Safety tips in traveling to the most dangerous areas in Utah

Before you go, find out what the weather is like in Utah. The weather and landscapes in the state are very different. Wildlife should be watched out for when you go outside or to a beautiful place. Also, let someone know what you plan to do and bring things you might need. Take extra care when you drive, especially in the winter, and check to see how the roads are. When you’re in dry places, drink water and stay out of the sun at high elevations. Also, take steps to protect yourself from COVID-19. Know how to call 911 and follow the rules of the area. To enjoy Utah, pay attention, keep your things safe, and be ready for anything.

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