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Diving Into Idaho’s Dangerous Cities: Discover the Darker Side of 14 Cities

Idaho. (Photo: Google)

Although Idaho is well known for its breathtaking scenery, Idaho’s dangerous cities are a little-known feature. Even though it’s one of the safest states, there are still dangerous cities in Idaho. Explore the darker side of 14 Idaho’s dangerous cities with this guide, which includes information on crime statistics, noteworthy aspects, and safety issues.

The most dangerous places in Idaho, highlighting their specific challenges and unique qualities, backed by recent crime reports. (Photo: travelingrauf)

A Deep Dive into Idaho’s Dangerous City

  1. Garden City, often overshadowed by Boise, emerges as Idaho’s most perilous city, grappling with a total crime rate that is Very High, with a violent crime rate also Very High. Drug trafficking, gang activity, and poverty contribute to its safety concerns.
  2. Pocatello, known for drug-related offenses, faces a total crime rate categorized as High, with a very high violent crime rate.
  3. Twin Falls presents a mixed safety picture, with downtown areas prone to property theft, resulting in a high total crime rate.
  4. Boise, despite being the largest city, maintains a lower total crime rate, with a moderate violent crime rate, attributed to transparent policing efforts.
  5. Caldwell, battling high crime rates, particularly violent crimes, struggles with resource limitations impacting law enforcement.
  6. Nampa, with an alarming total crime rate 82% above the national average, witnesses frequent property crimes.
  7. Payette, a small city, surprises with a staggering total crime rate 70% above the national average.
  8. Mountain Home grapples with high total crime rates, particularly in rural areas.
  9. Chubbuck, despite its rural charm, records very high violent and property crime rates.
  10. Blackfoot’s crime challenges stem from drug use and poverty, impacting both property and violent crimes.
  11. Sandpoint, despite its appeal, faces a higher-than-average total crime rate.
  12. Coeur d’Alene, known for its lakeside beauty, records a total crime rate 41% above the national average.
  13. Lewiston experiences a total crime rate 38% above the national average, mainly in property crimes.
  14. Jerome, though below the national average, surpasses Idaho’s average crime rate, raising concerns.

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While Idaho shines with its natural wonders, Idaho’s dangerous cities demand a closer look for safety considerations. Understanding the crime landscape, local efforts, and challenges, residents and potential settlers can navigate these cities with awareness and vigilance.

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