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Wyoming’s Peril: Unveiling the 10 Most Dangerous Cities of 2023 – Exploring the Dark Side

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Wyoming, one of the top ten largest states in the U.S., combines the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Wyoming has some of the most dangerous cities despite its beauty.

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Wyoming’s 10 riskiest cities for 2023 based on crime statistics

Due to rising violent and property crimes, Riverton has topped the list for another year. The report mentions Riverton’s dark past, including Andrew John Yellowbear Jr.’s 2006 capital murder trial for murdering his 22-month-old daughter.

Second is Evansville, part of the Casper Metro Area, with a focus on property offenses. Property crimes are rising but violent crimes are falling, according to the narrative.

Evanston is the third most dangerous city in Wyoming due to its high sexual assault rate, despite its scenic location near Bear River State Park.

Casper, famed for its cowboy culture and oil wealth, is the fifth most violent city, with high murder and sexual assault rates. Wyoming’s riskiest cities are Powell, Torrington, Wheatland, Cheyenne, Newcastle, and Rock Springs.

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Safety Measures, and Travel Tips

Wyoming is the least populous state, with 576,850 residents, according to the 2020 census. Wyoming’s major airport is at Jackson Hole, Teton County, within Grand Teton National Park.

Safety tips for traveling to Wyoming, include confirming travel arrangements, being cautious to avoid thieves, staying hydrated during outdoor activities, ensuring vehicle safety for long distances between towns, and not displaying large amounts of money or expensive jewelry.

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